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By Stef Walsh

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Revolution Performance™ & Pilates offers individualized, athlete-centered training programs to prepare you for your most important competition(s) of the year. Feeling prepared comes down to hard work and systematically structuring your workouts to fit appropriately within your season.

Periodization training is a systematic method to regularly change your conditioning program to challenge specific body systems during specific periods of time. This allows your body to adapt while avoiding overtraining and can yield predictable results. By systematically adjusting your workouts, periodization can allow your body to “peak” or perform at its best when you need to, such as your most important competition of the year while also avoiding injury and burnout. The skater, parent and coaches will meet with me to discuss the skater’s specific needs and goals, and a physical assessment will be made. Revolution Performance™ & Pilates can develop a program for you that is tailored to you and your goals.

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